Turbine Rotor Shaft | Parametric Design Automation

The Scope

A Turbine Rotor Shaft is a vital part in the Turbine Assembly. It serves as an attachment point for the Turbine Rotor Blades and the Diaphragm Rings.
Built as an additional program for the Diaphragm Assembly Customization, The Rotor Shaft was automated to a large extent saving valuable time and reducing errors drastically.

UI Design

The User Interface is clean, minimalist and very informative for a non-technical person. Large icons and only the Prime parameters were provided as input, the rest was taken care by the program.

User Interface Parameters and Features

The input data such as drawing files, standard tables and Design Calculations were given. All these input data were converted into code to provide an automated output, below are the parameters and features that were customized based on the client's requirement.

  • Pitch Circle Diameter
  • Blade Height
  • Disc Width
  • Stages to be Removed for Bleed
  • Individual Stages can be Customized in detail
  • Rough Machining Component

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