QC Checklist | Acrobat SDK


To create an interactive PDF which acts as a User Interface to perform Quality Checks in the assembly line. Users are be able to create reports of all the checkpoints and those reports can be exported to a database after completion.


The Application was built on the Adobe Acrobat API module which has a high level of flexibility in the programming approach.

Password Protected Fields

Certain fields with sensitive information were password protected to ensure data security and data safety.

Customizable Images

Images in the line elements can be customized with ease.

Automatic Data Calculation

Based on the user input, the progress of the project can be tracked in the Summary sheet which is built-in with logics.

Issue Tracker

Any issue that the user encounters with the machine, can be logged within in the PDF itself.

Custom UI Elements

Checkboxes and other UI elements are programmed to perform pre-defined actions based on the customer requirement.

Database Syncing

All the data within the PDF is synced in real time to a database which results in complete data security and backup.

Customized UI/UX

As the UI is built within the PDF Document itself, the possibility of customization is endless.

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