Formwork Automation


To create a program that will automate the formwork panel arrangement process to eliminate the manual work by 75%.
The application will generate the BOM, Elevation Drawings and the 3D panel arrangement model using the provided input standard sheet.


The main purpose of the application is to automate the complex procedure of formwork which is a very time consuming process. We began by collecting large amounts of data from the Formwork and Field Engineers. After weeks of research and numerous site visits, we started to develop structured algorithms that would automatically perform all the required tasks, with little to no customer input.
The user just has to select the model and data sheet, the application takes care of the rest.

Level of Automation

The Application accesses all the elements by itself and performs all the process. The output of the application is an Excel sheet which is the BOM and the Elevation Drawings. The output was further customized by providing specific details during the process.


Bill of Materials

3D Models

2D Elevations

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