Production Floor Management Tool

Project Type
Web App
9 Months
Flutter, Firebase, MongoDb, AWS, Android Studio, VS Code
A comprehensive Web based QC Checklist for the production line.

The entire Checklist is built upon Web Frameworks. This approach not only resolves all the issues related to the existing PDF workflow, but also provides a lot of Enterprise benefits that results in complete control and efficiency. By using these modern light-weight technologies, we can achieve massive productivity increase, error-free outputs and Top-notch file security/safety.


Overview of data such as Projects Generated, Projects Completed, Comments, Users, Issues, Project Status and more...

Line Elements and Checkpoints

Line Elements can be easily tracked by visual aids and with the help of large checkpoints, the user will have an overview of the entire project. Clicking on the checkpoints will enable the user to get a detailed view instantly. And with buttons rather than dropdowns, the process is much more simplified. By using materialistic colors to indicate the checks, the user is able to quickly identify the project status with ease.


Managers can generate reports by User, Project, Duration and other customizable filters. Custom graphs can be generated and compared with ease.

Project Management

With the Interactive Dashboard designed for UX in mind. The Project Manager will have a detailed overview of all tasks and issues related to the selected project.

Issue Tracker

Issues can also be tracked and resolved by the Manager. Live Data will be relayed and notified to the Manager with detailed information. Reports of these issues can be exported to an Excel document or a .csv file.

Zero Error: By using technologies that enable us to perform elaborate testing procedures results in a complete Error free environment, in both the user and application end.
Customized Reports: All data from each user is tracked and analyzed by the application, custom reports by project, user, date, time, etc., can be generated, viewed and mailed. Reports can also be compared with each other to determine efficiency.
Security: All data sent and received by the application is completely safe and secure, using E2E Encryption and keys to protect your data on the cloud.
Cross-Platform: Web Technologies like Angular enable the application to work on any platform, be it Desktop, Mac, iPad, Mobile etc., With this level of flexibility, we can create some of the best cross-platform apps with a single codebase.
No Hardware Limitation: The Application requires minimal hardware configurations, it can even run on a single core machine on the browser. This is possible through newer lightweight frameworks which are not only fast, but also light.
Speed: Using the power of Node.js, the applications can run multiple instances without any lag. Reports and Audits can be generated and assigned instantaneously.

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