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A study conducted by CLIA’s Asia cruise trends study has declared that the number of passengers has hit the 4 million mark in the year 2017 and the rate has increased by 20% in the next year. The cruising market in Asian countries is witnessing remarkable growth in recent years. Especially across India, the strategic placement of offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmadabad, and Bangalore combined with the growing middle-class sector has fueled the cruising industry. Cruise lines are therefore focusing on revamping their marketing portals, handy assets, and tools while striving to establish a strong connection with their traveling partners

The cruising companies acknowledge the role of travel agents as they specialize in guiding both the veteran and first-time travelers. Such traveling partners help the travelers grab their deals, and promotions while helping the growth of the cruising companies find their customers. This article speaks on the beneficiary features of the Genting Cruise Lines India mobile application and how it helps the agents to assist their clients.

Purpose of the Dream cruise

Genting cruise line is now focusing on amplifying the Indian cruising market; therefore Genting Cruise line has developed this mobile application to provide the essential assets to its travel partners. This application has efficiently created a platform that provides well-accessible travel documents and other marketing assets in the form of a mobile app. 


Developed our product through the following five phases: Research, Synthesize, Ideate, UI Design & Test.


Competitor Analyses
User goals
User pain points


High level design goals
Key features & motivations


Card sorting
Site map
Task flow

Ui Design

Logo design
Low-fi sketches


Usability testing
Iteration & implementation
Hi-fi prototypes
Final screens

Log-in procedure

The application demands basic login credentials to customize the application for the travel agent. This also enables the application to notify the user about new updates or news related to the voyage, change of plans, or events via email. 


This feature helps the clients to find the sailings and to know more about upcoming voyages with the corresponding cruise name. This enables the agency to convey the information to potential clients or manage bookings efficiently. 

The calendar segregates the three primary routes and allows the user to navigate across the options, Genting Dream route, World dream cruise route, Explorer dream route, and the varied colored options to mark the number of nights for each cruise. This color option simplifies the processes and displays complete information about all the cruises in one go. Therefore the calendar feature enables the user to make quick plans and share them with potential customers.


A well-organized gallery with high-resolution images and videos of the interiors. To get a vivid picture of the experience, they are categorized and named based on the facilities offered. This categorization helps the travel agency to recommend the right facilities to the customers respecting the unique preferences of the customers. As the company possesses myriads of cruising options, these pictures get a clear picture of the experience and thereby help the customers to decide better. 
The videos, on the other hand, capture the fun activities and live shows that are available on board and obtain a 360-degree view of the restaurants and entertainment venue, and cabins. Moreover, a video related to a recent update of the norms related to COVID-19 widespread has gained a huge customer base and built confidence among veteran travelers. The video has clearly described the Check-in and check-out procedures, ventilation system, and the ‘Tracey’- a technological badge to carry that helps quicker check-in at the public venues to ensure safety throughout the voyage.  

Resources and marketing assets

The brochures have played a vital role in marketing, and e-brochures are swiftly carrying out the essential marketing procedures.
The brochures contain a wealth of information and description about the cabin types, restaurants and bars, theatres, and a complete listing of sporting facilities and decks available on the ships as well. 

News section

This section shares the important updates related to events, launches of a new ship, launch of new brochures, scheduling or rescheduling updates, and other important messages. This enables the agent to stay posted about the new incidences and thereby pass them on to the customers they follow up with.

On the other hand, the application provides an option to follow the cruising company through social media platforms and thereby establish a stronger connection with the company.


This segment helps the agency to book the reservations after giving the login credentials that are created at the start of the application. This segment also enables the user to acquire offers and promotions while booking a reservation.   
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