CRM Application for Small Businesses

Project Type
ZONE Web App
12 Months
AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AWS and NG Zorro, VS Code

SWIFT CRM is a comprehensive and efficient solution within the ZONE platform, designed to facilitate digitization software for businesses. With SWIFT, companies can effectively track and manage customer information, sales leads, and marketing campaigns, leading to improved customer retention and loyalty.

Key features of SWIFT CRM include:

1. User Management: SWIFT provides a convenient dashboard to manage all users. Administrators can easily add, remove, and set permissions for users, ensuring smooth collaboration and access control.

2. Seamless Integration: SWIFT integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 mail and other email providers, allowing users to access their data effortlessly. This integration enhances workflow efficiency and enables a unified view of customer interactions.

3. Scalability: SWIFT CRM offers unlimited project scalability, ensuring that businesses can manage an unlimited number of projects without constraints. This flexibility allows companies to adapt and grow without limitations.

4. Transparent Pricing: SWIFT CRM is transparent and upfront about costs. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges.

By utilizing SWIFT CRM, businesses can streamline their sales, marketing, and customer service efforts. The application empowers companies to enhance productivity, foster better customer relationships, and ultimately drive improved revenue. SWIFT CRM provides a formal and reliable solution to meet the diverse needs of businesses seeking to optimize their digital operations.

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