Web & Product Design, UX

Product and UX Designers are proud to be part of our award-winning team. A wide range of their skills and abilities extends from the design of complex web and mobile experiences to illustrations, motion graphics, and branding.

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Agile Design Process

Crafted to deliver the best for your business.
Business goals, User requirements & Market research.
Information architecture, Wireframes, Visual design, Prototype and Test.
Frontend development, Backend development & Quality assurance.
Mobile Application

EV Charging Mobile App

PlugEasy is an app based platform for finding charging stations for electric vehicles. Also offers route planner feature.

Mobile Application

Dream Cruises Mobile App

Agents can view Itineraries, view brochures, download images and videos of Genting Cruise Lines Fleet.

Mobile Application

EdTech Mobile App

Mobile App that lets user join and participate in educational courses with hundreds of video content

Competent team

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Srinivas B
Srinivas B
UI/UX Designer
Bahubali Magadum
Bahubali Magadum
Founder / Developer
Sri Harsha
Sri Harsha
Founder / Designer

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